Drop Prevention is your strategic partner to assist you in delivering your goals. A true 360º solution, it delivers a range of modular solutions, allowing you to achieve best-in-class results for working safely with tools at height.

The comprehensive suite is built on the foundation of a true partnership, delivering ongoing support and real-time results, ensuring you deliver on your safety and efficiency targets.

Tether Anchors

Fully load rated and compatible with all GRIPPS tethers, our range of tether anchor points and connection options are there to support your working style and kit load-out.

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Tool Tethers

Tethers are the lifeline between your tool’s attachment point and the anchor. Our tethers are engineered with a specific use in mind, whether it’s a lightweight coil to stay out of sight and mind, or a heavy-duty karabiner large enough to lock around scaffolding.

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Tool Connectors

Our attachment points create a fully load-rated point at which to connect your tool with a tether. A variety of options exist to suit almost every configuration, allowing you to create an attachment point without modifying your tool, regardless of whether or not your tool was manufactured to support tethering.

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