Drillfast has partnered with Snap Fire® to stock the highest quality fire stop product on the market which you now have access to. All tested by regulatory bodies for a broad range of installations, our fire stop products will not let you down on your next project.

All Snap Fire® Products are rigorously tested to make sure they work to the relevant standard and adhere to all government regulations.

Snap Cast-in Fire Collars

Snap Stack Work Application

  • Up to 4 hr PVC & HDPE Rated
  • Patented spring closure technology
  • Closes penetration in 1-3 minutes
  • The only smoke & fire collar
  • Fully certified as per AS4072.1 & AS1530
Snap Floor Waste Application

  • The only one-piece floor waste approved fire collar
  • Meets building code 3 hr
  • integrity & 3 hr insulation
  • Exceeds smoke leakage requirements @ 1000°C
  • Fully Certified as per AS4072.1 & AS1530.4

Snap Retrofit Fire Collars

Snap Stack Work & Wall Application

  • Prevent the spread of the fire where PVC & PE pipes are used
  • Used where pipes penetrate fire walls/floors
  • Up to 4hr AS1530:4, AS4072.1 tested & approved
Snap Floor Waste Application

  • Up to 4hr PVC rated
  • Patented spring closure technology

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